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Culture Change

Culture Change

The culture in an organisation can best be described as ‘the way we do things here’. It is a concept that many consider to be ‘fairly woolly’. This is mainly due to the fact that so little is being offered in the public domain as to its importance, as well as the ‘how’ of addressing it in a formal planned way to ensure that a company or organisation becomes branded as the company/organisation of choice in terms of product or service delivery.

Managing Company Culture

To become and remain being branded as a company/organisation of choice, and for CEOs to ensure that all employees live up to the Vision, Mission, Values and strategic goals of their company/institutions, the challenge to create and foster a uniform organisational culture needs to be addressed strategically and managed into place in a formal, systematic way, with the involvement of key formal and informal leaders in the organisation.

If you’re interested in a Culture Change presentation for your organisation, please contact me, Nankie de Wit, on 082 824 3724 to do a presentation via Zoom. For more information about Primo Consulting, please visit our About Us page

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