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Change Management Facilitation Services – from scenario planning down to business process optimisation

Primo Consulting is a B-BBEE Level 4 change management company that was established by its founder in 1998.

Our aim is to assist companies in becoming and remaining competitive in an ever increasingly tough economic environment, both nationally and globally. To achieve this, we support companies in adopting a culture of ‘lean’ performance, by consistently increasing the effectiveness and efficiencies of their products and services, taking the lead from changing business trends and customer needs.

Primo Consulting Services

Take a look at the services we offer

Scenario planning

Strategy Facilitation

Enterprise Architecture (Analysis and Facilitation)

Business process analysis, redesign and optimisation

Balanced Scorecard Facet Analysis and Facilitation i.e.

  • Financial analysis and advice
  • Client/customer needs satisfaction as well as determining of future needs
  • Succession planning and training and development
  • Business Process analysis and optimisation
  • Cultural change management

Establishing ‘lean’ production and service delivery as a company culture

Programmed change management


Note: In addition to the above, we offer:

  1. the services of a world-renowned scenario planner, to sketch the most plausible future scenarios for South Africa, prior to us facilitating a strategic plan, and secondly
  2. the services of the Centre for Business Mathematics and Informatics of a well-established institution, for research into digital transformation, big data, data mining and AI.