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Lean Six Sigma Management System 2021 | Primo Consulting

Lean Six Sigma Management System

Fast change had been the order of the day during the past year. It speaks for itself that if companies want to remain competitive, managements should be revisiting their strategic plans and enterprise architecture to ensure it addresses any latest developments.

Secondly, and of great importance, we would strongly recommend that managements consider adopting the Lean Six Sigma management methodology to ensure that whatever has been put in place is securely managed.

In short – Lean Six Sigma is:

  • A scientifically proven methodology.
  • A world-renowned management system that makes use of breakthrough strategies, i.e., DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Implement & Control) to eliminate all forms of wastes and to meet customers’ needs & aspirations (both internally and externally)

Note: This means that whatever changes had been put in place, or any revised changes, will be kept in place at all times.

  • A system which has a common denominator, the gathering of information for analysis.
  • A system, which methodologies are factually based.

The objective of this system is to keep defects to no more than 3.4 defects per million opportunities.

For more information, a discussion/presentation via Zoom or an onsite visit, kindly contact Nankie de Wit on 082 824 3724 who, in addition to his change management skills, is a Lean Six Sigma practitioner.

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