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Business Process Optimisation

Business Process Optimisation

This week we will discuss the fourth leg of the Business Scorecard, namely Business Process Optimisation.

With the advent of the pandemic, most companies were forced to change some of their business processes, either to develop new, ‘adapted’ products, and/or to make changes to the way they do business – whether internal changes to keep existing clients, or to enter new markets. Experience has it that in any event, companies have to, from time to time, optimise their business processes to either remain competitive or become market leaders – more so now with the downturn of the economy, which will be with us for a quite some time.

We at Primo Consulting possess the necessary skills and qualifications to re-engineer and optimise business processes. On top of that, one of our consultants is a certified Lean Six Sigma practitioner who can make it possible for companies to eliminate all forms of waste within their business processes, be it re-engineered, optimised or new.

In addition, we as change management consultants ensure that all business processes, be it new, revised, or optimized, are aligned with a company’s strategic plan and supported by a company’s enterprise architecture.

To arrange for a meeting or presentation, kindly contact Nankie de Wit on 082 824 3724. If additional information is required, please view the services and FAQs page on our website.

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